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Services Patent Lawyers


Acquisition of rights in the field of trademark law, patent law, utility model law and design patent law.

representing domestic clients in the acquisition of German trade marks, patents and designs, international trade marks and designs

assistance in obtaining foreign national brands, patents, utility models and industrial designs

defending the above-mentioned rights for domestic and foreign clients against attacks by third parties

destruction of property rights of third parties for domestic and foreign clients

Enforcement of the above-mentioned rights before civil courts in infringement cases and customs in the context of border seizures

authorization requests, warnings

advice and expert opinions

formulation of transfer statements regarding legal protection sales

formulation of license agreements

evaluation of intangible fixed assets of company sales

development of intellectual property strategies

advising companies in the law relating the inventions employees

assessment of providing protection for developments

assessment of injury facts

Valuation of property rights

expert opinion regarding protectability

expert opinion regarding collision

translations of technically and professionally complicated texts, especially property right texts, into the German language


patent and utility model search

trade mark collision search

This affected the activity of an important post in the balance sheets of companies, i.e. the intangible assets. The creation and maintenance of intangible assets and their position in the balance sheet is becoming increasingly important for innovative companies. This asset has in the past and will in the future significantly influence competitiveness of enterprises.



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